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#27356 - 01/20/11 05:52 PM AmLactin VS Alpha Hydroxy
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So I was trying Alpha Hydroxy Dermal Therapy Lotion for a while, and I did see some difference. However, that was also around the summer time. I eventually ran out and rather then replace it, I recently started trying AmLactin. From what I had assumed, the more lactic acid, the better. However, I'm barely seeing any effect with the AmLactin (which has 12% lactic acid [VS Alpha Hydroxy which has 10%])

Is it just the fact that it's winter? Or does the Alpha Hydroxy have the right mesh of ingredients that the AmLactin doesn't?

#27357 - 01/20/11 10:59 PM Re: AmLactin VS Alpha Hydroxy [Re: Cynical]
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Hello Cynical, what many of us say is what works for some will not work for others. I agree with you at this time of year, nothing works for me better than Lachydrin 12% lactic acid. I can use the other alpha hydroxy creams such as Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy (10% urea & 10% lactic acid)or Amlactin 12% lactic acid, or LAClotion 12% lactic acid made by Paddock Labs, or Aqua Glycollic (glycollic acid) when the temperature increases. Need that initial sting to help with itching and dryness at night, and Lachydrin seems to be the only cream that meets my needs.On especially cold nights, I add liquid glycerin and that helps too. Good luck to you Cynical and I hope you find the right combination of creams to use.
Les Avakian

#27476 - 03/09/11 06:17 AM Re: AmLactin VS Alpha Hydroxy [Re: Les Avakian]
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It could be the way you are using the cream. After I first visited a dermo and discussed creams with the doctors, we came up with the method of applying cream straight after a shower.
I find now even if I just wet my hand and rub water on my skin, then apply the cream, the result is much better.

I'm now using a cream with only 10% urea and 5% lactic acid for most of the year and it runs out a lot cheaper. However in the middle of winter i find that almost nothing works and i strugle through to Spring. No-one looks forward to Spring more than us.

It's not about the amount of lactic acid, it'sabout how much moisture you can trap under the cream. In winter I oil up in the shower by applying liquid parrafin oil DIRECTLY to my skin ( I have a cheap little squirt bottle that I refill ) Then I wash of lightly, towel lightly and cream up with 10% urea/5% lactic acid.

These methods have brought a huge improvement in my skin; and frustratingly I'm using the same products tat have been in the cupboard for 20 years, I'm just using them better and understanding how best to treat my skin.

A day at the beach helps as well, even in winter. The moist air gets in through loose clothes without trouble.

#31184 - 09/13/21 11:35 AM Re: AmLactin VS Alpha Hydroxy [Re: Cynical]
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#31286 - 11/24/21 02:47 PM Re: AmLactin VS Alpha Hydroxy [Re: Cynical]
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