(In the end I was Mut 22 coins just feeling stupid because I'm used to knowing these things. I usually have a tweet that is ready to be accompanied by beautiful images that cause chaos on Twitter. In the end, nobody wants the ratings of their players to go down in an online game!)

It was strange but not surprising to reduce a player's Madden rating after a great performance in the face of one of the best defenses in football. Particularly, in order to achieve this, you have to lower the player's awareness, which is quite impressive behind that offensive line.

Let's examine the biggest changes made to the Miami Dolphins roster since Madden's Week 2 roster update.

Madden 22 soundtrack: Stream the entire tracklist featuring J. Cole, Jack Harlow and more

EA Sports' "Madden NFL" franchise has been home to one of the video games' most anticipated and most popular soundtracks. It features many of the most famous names in music. Some of the newest songs have been released in soundtracks, and others are old favorites that will remain.

Blink-182 Kanye West, J. Cole and Bon Jovi are just some names that have appeared on soundtracks in the past, and this year, EA Sports is doing something a bit more. Like "Madden 21", this year's soundtrack includes 11 tracks specifically designed for Madden which includes Jack Harlow, JID and Morray.

Life for Madden 22 coins for sale Indy does not get better. The Colts fell to Tennessee on the road, and Wentz was injured on both ankles. While Houston remains at home for the Colts for three weeks, which is an excellent result, the Texans have Baltimore and Miami traveling.