Another issue is that Runescape players have been ripping off their customers to purchase a series of failures OSRS Fire Cape. Every penny that's been used up on Stellar Dawn, Mechscape, Thirdscape and a plethora of no-cost iPhone games and of course, the massive cost to license the Transformers brand as well as the amount of money that has been put into the unfinished Transformers game itself has ALL come from the pockets of Runescape players.

Jagex's other flops (8 Realms. Funorb. etc.).) remain a disappointment. Although Jagex's other flops (8 realms, funorb, etc.) might have generated some money, I doubt it could cover the costs of development. Therefore we've been subsidizing them too. Runescape has been deprived of quests because developers are currently working on other games that aren't going to become playable.

Birthright of the Dwarves, that was released just a few days ago, is supposed to provide a challenging but enjoyable adventure. I haven't yet completed it because I'm not meeting the requirements. However, most players seem to be having difficulty with the boss fights.

Jagex is still working on two quests. 'Missing The Presumed Death is a quest involving Sliske (as in Grim Reaper), Itchlarin, and Death. The quest will focus on Sliske's "rivalry" (probably not a good word as I donít think it's still as a rivalry Buy RS3 Gold, since up until now Itchlarin has been far more powerful so letís just say Sliske hates Itchlarin) with Itchlarinís disappearance.