Compared to this void nerf, this nerf actually made sense because of all of OSRS gold the people I have seen using it and using it a couple days, It was fairly OP. They more than halved its possible harm, what about that is logical? You know how they stated Korasi's was overpowered? Dharok's was like this, except it was actually overpowered. It makes sense that it would be nerfed down to any other Barrows equipment.

Whatever you dont get it, Jagex doesn't understand the idea of a nerf. A nerf is utilized to prevent something being overpowered and return it to a level at which it is acceptable, they've made dharoks a different set of generic level 70 equipment that is useless in comparison to Veracs. Jagex need to quit turning usable content into dead content, Barrows is one release from becoming completly redundant as it's.

No, that is not because they don't understand how to nerf something - it is the flaw at the grade system itself. The tier system is honestly a HORRIBLE idea. For those who have not realized, virtually all weapons and armour have become scaled using a remarkably easy, direct relationship with demand level. The end result of this is the death of uniqueness of weapons or armour.

Things like Korasi or Royal crossbow that had niche applications are now reduced to mere generic weapons. Ganodermic can no longer be compared with Virtus as a question of higher harden and defence versus greater offense and lifeboost: Virtus has become simply"improved by 5 levels" Don't attempt to Old School RS Gold produce an argument for passive results or small amounts of crit incentive - barring cost, there's never any reason to use lower level items when you have access to higher level models.