MINING GEM ROCKS (SAFE) Prerequisites: Shilo Village quest, 40 Mining, 43 Crafting to OSRS gold cut stone, Chisel, Pickaxe. One of the most famous procedures to make gold as an Ironman in OSRS entails two skills - Mining and Crafting. To be able to start you will need to complete Shilo Village quest that will allow you to enter the village. There it is possible to find gem rocks which are going to be your source of revenue. Nothing special here about this method - all you want to do is to mine stone from stones in the village until your inventory is complete. Then you can cut them for a few crafting experience and either sell in Port Sarim jewelry shop or bank them for later crafting.

CATCHING ECLECTIC IMPS (SAFE) Requirements: 50 Hunter, Lost City quest (such as Zanaris bank accessibility and effortless teleport to Puro Puro), impling jars. Implings can be caught in Puro Puro kingdom that's a homeland to Imp-like creatures. For there players can find teleporting circles made by Imps in wheat fields around Gielinor.

Another method of accessing this realm involves teleportation through a Fairy Ring to Zanaris at which you can locate a permanent wheat field teleport. To perform this players need to complete two components of Fairy Tale quest which grants entry to Fairy Ring teleportation system and therefore to Zanaris teleport. After you arrive at Puro Puro head to the south where Eclectic Implings tend to Cheap RS gold spawn and start catching.