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#30877 - 12/23/20 05:53 AM I decided to play rs again for god knows why
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I do not beg na make use of my dragon armour or whip so do u all believe that this armour (under ) would be fine for doing the whole quest which includes killing that RS gold beasty Jungle Demon: Helmet: Initiate Sallet, Necklace: Glory. Plus how many fire, blood and air runes would need to kill the Jungle Demon?

Hey sals, I decided to play rs again for god knows why. I have not been around at a good 4 months and I guess im only getting bored in my free time. Anyways I was never able to be a part before my parents would never allow me, but now im 18 with my own bank accounts and card so they cant stop me muahahaha. (dont judge me I know im old live with it) Anyways I don't have any idea what it is like to become a member, my main focuses will be NON SKILLS I am anything but a skiller, exactly what I have to know really is excellent training areas for scope, good items to purchase etc.. Also my account was hacked in the four months I had been absent in the game, now I only have a measley 500k rather than my previous 30mill so I need to know how to make decent money whilst training, or if getting a part yet is even worthwhile idk. Oh and if anyone has good tips for pvp that could be valued but I doubt ill get into it anytime soon thinking about how broke I am x. Thanks.

What I like to know is if anybody want to be my Twin? I would like someone to do Pvp with, and only someone to hang with in general. I've afew friends that are Twins on RS and cheap OSRS gold they are really great, and I started thinking, I wanted a Twin, I even thought of creating another account just to give away...

#30890 - 01/13/21 08:12 AM Re: I decided to play rs again for god knows why [Re: Weiweismart]
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