Yeah I have and still do Mut 21 coins. And I can also go back and play those games and use the money which I spent on that game. This is a completely new app, without the ability to return and play this season and spend the money I spent cash on. Do you whine when they cease updating and offering you new things to buy in the old games? So, while you can spend your money nevertheless, why weren't you spending on exactly the same items as it had been the current version? If that was not going to happen this season, over 6 months notice could have been nice. Folks have been stockpiling their own MC as there's been no good reason since Ultimate Freeze to utilize the MC. Its like using a Gift Card at a store that is going out of business just so that it does not go to waste.

Right, but folks don't complain of not being able to use this gift card in another store. No offense, but why can you continue to invest real money throughout the last six months when there has been nothing worthwhile? And the"but that's how it's always been" debate is that the worst. They are wishing to utilize MADDEN money on the next MADDEN game. Best Buy cannot lawfully shut their doors tomorrow and say"We're opening up in 4 weeks as Best Purchase 2.0, so use all your gift cards since they will no longer be valid because we are no more Best Buy". No but games such as Call of Duty and MLB: The Show can come out with a new version every year, not let you carry over money you paid actual money for. Console Madden doesn't only allow you to upgrade the present edition to the new variant, you need to purchase that, even though it's essentially only a massive upgrade.

Yes but you can still play that sport and revel in the money you spent. The servers will close down for this game. I'm hoping that will be the case, but has it ever been verified? It is a new app, so that they could potentially leave a host for it. And most games eventually cut all servers after a couple of decades. Nick confirmed that MM20 will continue to be playable for a time after MM21 comes out. Will there be legacy teams? Apparently not. Nothing moves. This really is a complete catastrophe. No MC carryover is some BULLSHIT. Make it appropriate EA.

Last chance for EA Madden following the MM20 Debacle.... I have been proudly using my 2015 logo for several years. So upset it is going to be missing. If you're lucky you may be able to buy it for $9.99 next season. How can you maintain shit NOBODY FUCKING WANTS like POWER, and you also take away things EVERYONE enjoys like season score and MC transferring. Absolutely fucking infuriating, the one thing you guys have going for you right now is your involvement in BLM, also I want it to be made clear that I really do admire you for this, but fuck away with MM21. not even out yet. This is a significant step backwards. Electricity is remaining and legacy teams and season score are all gone. Total bullshit. Fuck EA for a company and fuck any of the cheap Madden 21 coins workers who see this sub and don't attempt to fix the issues everyone has the sport.