I started playing RuneScape a couple of days ago. I discovered RuneScape fun and addicting, but I watched some people over RuneScape that were far stronger then me, such as level 68 or level 70. And so I chose to function and RuneScape gold aim my objective to become strong and meet a girl and a boy who will be my friends and assist me on my trip. So if anybody can, please tell me where the best places are for all these individual stats so I can train! Additionally if there'll be a woman and man to assist me on my journey that would be nice. Thanks!

Alright so here is a complete guide to help you reach your goals (in the sequence you should train, I am assuming you need a higher battle level ): There are a lot of quests that you ought to do to help you train those abilities, but I'll skip them in this post. Strength to 50: Cows/Minotaurs/Hill Giants(I would await ~40 combat before those) Defence to 30: Same as above.

For Prayer just irritate the bones you get; at lower levels it will help you get quite a few prayer levels. Basically those two are fairly good for low level f2p training). When you kill cows, make certain to pick up their hides, it is very good money. It is usually empty and near a bank too. Runecrafting: This isn't a combat ability, but suggest training it to provide you with exactly the runes you are going to Cheap RS gold want for Magic (unless you would like to purchase them of course).