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#30866 - 12/02/20 01:32 AM I have been enjoying the game every day
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I have been Nook Miles Ticket enjoying the game every day since launching and have 225 hours in it. I think some people are attempting to get everything done in this sport as quickly as possible, and then upset when they find there is nothing after that. They constantly visit islands that have high rates for turnips, get millions of bells, and update their house and can purchase everything they ever require. Additionally trading recipes and paintings. I really don't play online at all, and still haven't updated my house completely.

Folks will state because online is at the game then what they're doing is fine, which it is, however, do not complain when you hurry to find everything and you get bored. I feel like this type of game does not lend itself well to an internet system. Also, I think it's played when you play about an hour per day.

There is some things I would like enhanced, but I am enjoying my first AC game since the GameCube.

I liked NH a lot, but my curiosity actually fell off after I got my island to five stars. I had created each one of these spaces full of things no one can socialize with and a island full of villagers giving me the same dialogue. The game gets to a stage where material is decorated, the memorial is full, and re-terraforming is merely tedious, and it loses its own allure and becomes a weed pulling simulator.

I still got 100 hours from it and I don't regret it, but I just feel like there is something more to be gained from the game that the devs haven't enabled me to experience.

I had been concerned about just how much emphasis there appeared to be on crafting coming into ACNH, since I really don't enjoy crafting in games, and so far my concerns were warranted. I played with daily until a couple of weeks back and there's just no forward thrust to the game making me need to log in and progress. I played with New Leaf for years and never tired of it, and now I can not be fussed to even log in over once a week. Additionally, COVID made me perform a lot more in the start, but not needing an away-from-home lunch break has truly made me play less; it used to be an hour a day was built in just buy Animal Crossing Items for AC, and now it is not.

#30916 - 02/21/21 07:06 PM Re: I have been enjoying the game every day [Re: Sunxuemei]
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