I obtained fifa 19 in a bundle using a ps4, therefore at no cost and following a year fifa 20 was getting realesed so I presumed to buy it.

I can use basically the Madden 21 coins exact same game, tweak a feature or two, make another feature or two pay-to-play, update the rosters, and folks will just eat them up like candy at full retail price.

I am surprised that they have not started selling the match twice a year. Gotta update them rosters for the trades and injuries and these that occurred throughout the entire year!

I mean when I were a madden dev and had the option to rerelease basically the exact same game every year working regular hours, fairly lame, poetry needing to recreate a top of the line franchise mode working my ass off, I'd pick the former I am positive.

Change won't come until there's some competition from the sim soccer world. They'll push cheap Mut 21 coins moneymaker till then for certain, and only do small tweaks to their bare bone franchise leagues I simply hate that it is a monopoly. The NFL should consider having multiple licensing prices for games. I understand 2K only got the permit, but 2 is just a step above 1.