ASTRONOMIA TOURBILLON BAGUETTE ARLEQUINO Multicolor. The astronomical tourbillon baguette Arlequino's color range makes this high quality replica watches unique. ⠀
The 281 rectangular-cut colored sapphires on the dial provide a colored background for the four satellite structures above. ⠀
Three-axis tourbillon, 288 faceted Jacobs cut diamonds, time display and magnesium globe make the dial rotate within 10 minutes, and sapphires of different colors are playing hide and seek.

The four arms of the astronomical tourbillon are equipped with a three-axis tourbillon chronograph mechanism, a blue lacquered magnesium metal globe and a rose gold earth, which perfectly show the Pl​​anet Earth, which is an exclusive Jacob-Cut® 1 carat diamond , A total of 288 faces, and then display the time. This four-arm assembly can complete the rotation around the center of the watch and the spectacular background in 20 minutes.

Another amazing feature of the astronomical tourbillon is how each pair of opposed arms perfectly calculates each other's counterweight-a testament to the unparalleled material engineering and watch movement design. By applying equal weight to these opposing arms, when the movement occupies different directions in space, the shaft will be free from stress and increase the tension.jacob and co twin turbo furious

The tourbillon is considered the ultimate complication because it can rotate and rotate to offset the influence of gravity on the accuracy of the movement. For the astronomy tourbillon baguette Arlequino, Jacob & Co. took the tourbillon one step forward, introducing other axes of tourbillon rotation. For the astronomical tourbillon Arlequino, the tourbillon is three-axis rotation-along two axes: one spins in 60 seconds, the second spins in 1 minute and 15 seconds, and the third spins in an amazing 5 minutes The inside rotates around the dial.

The basic dial is completely invisible with 281 rectangular-cut multi-color sapphires (≈12.65ctw), which is the spectacular backdrop of the turning satellite above. In this way, the exquisite skills of cutting gemstones and setting gemstones can be perfectly combined with ultra-high-end watchmaking craftsmanship, which is created by Jacob & Co.

Item Number: AT800.40.BD.UG.B

Movement: Movement: Manufacturing Jacob & Co. Manual winding JCAM18; diameter: 40mm; height: 17.15mm; components: 365; functions: hours and minutes; power reserve: 60 hours; frequency: 21'600 vib/h (3 Hz); gems: 42; finishing : Plate and bridge: manual angle and polishing, side drawing, circular grinding, polishing sink; polishing screw; barrel: round pattern; pinion: conical pinion; 4 mechanical ball bearing devices; balance spring. jacob and co astronomia spider

System: 4 arms vertical movement, fully rotating around the central axis within 10 minutes

• Gravitational three-axis tourbillon, the first cage rotates in 60 seconds, the second cage in 2.5 minutes

• 1 carat exclusive Jacob Cut® diamond: 288 facets that can rotate within 30 seconds

• Magnesium blue painted globe, which can rotate within 30 seconds

•Hour and minute hand dial, patented differential gear system ℗ can maintain 12/6 o'clock position.

Situation: Diameter: 50mm; Thickness: 25mm; Material: 18K rose gold; Side sapphire aperture; Case back: 18K rose gold; Bow shape: The 18K rose gold on the case back can be rotated and rotated "bow shape" for winding and timing. Layer front cover: 18K rose gold; 281 rectangular rectangular multicolored sapphire invisible setting (approximately 12.65 carats); lugs: set with 80 rectangular diamonds and white diamonds (≈6.10 carats); crystal: unique hemispherical sapphire, with anti-reflection Treatment; Water resistance: 30m (3atm).

Dial and dial: Dial: Titanium dial, polished and angled, lacquered hour markers. Pointer: A pointer designed by Blued Jacob & Co.

Strap & Buckle: Strap: Alligator leather; Clasp: 18K rose gold folding clasp set with 18 rectangular white diamonds (about 1.40 carats).

Since its establishment in 1986, Jacob & Co. has been at the forefront of using gemstones and has developed many special cutting and setting techniques. For the astronomical tourbillon, the brand developed 288 faceted Jacob cut diamonds. This particular cut can only be done by a few gem cutters, and rough stones usually start with twice the size of a finished diamond. The facets must be extremely precise, so the diamond must be perfectly symmetrical and rounded. In the astronomical tourbillon, a 15-carat Jacob-cut diamond rotates on its own.

The globe is made of blue lacquered magnesium with rose gold continents to ensure weight consistency, as all four satellites must have exactly the same weight. The earth rotates in 30 seconds and travels on the dial for 10 minutes.

The case of the astronomical tourbillon has a diameter of 50 mm and a thickness of 25 mm, between the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal and the lowest point of the case. It is made of 18K rose gold or 18K white gold. For each change, four sapphire crystal glass windows are installed on the periphery of the case, allowing unobstructed viewing of the magnificent caliber and exquisite gems inlaid inside.

The time display sub-dial of the astronomical tourbillon is driven by an infinitesimal differential system. When it rotates with the four-arm platform of the movement, it always remains horizontal and legible. The Roman numerals on the hollow dial are hand-engraved and painted with black varnish, while the hand-made hands are dark blue

Iconic three-axis tourbillon

50mm 18K rose gold and sapphire crystal case with sapphire crystal on the back

All four satellites keep turning the dial for 10 minutes

288 faceted Jacob cut diamonds spin in 30 seconds

The magnesium globe turns in 30 seconds

The unique time difference always keeps the time display in the correct 12/6 direction, no matter where it is rotated

Domed and curved anti-reflective sapphire crystal

Unique crownless design; after winding, the cover is tightened and set to lift the bow

The lugs of the 18K white gold and sapphire case are invisibly set with 80 rectangular-cut white diamonds (approximately 6.10 carat total weight).

The basic dial uses 281 color sapphire (≈12.65ctw) for invisible setting