We primarily have been using Microdermamitt Body cloths for about 5 years and tried everything, literally!! every cloth you can imagine, Microdermamitt for us was just the best

But I was looking on Amazon and came across Dermasuri Exfolaiting Body cloths, they were a top seller, so, i gave it a shot!

We have been using them for a while and I love them they last longer, they are softer and they have been great for us, so I called the Company who makes them and told them ,its Ichthyosis Awareness month how about you give us a break, they said they would love to!!

I got the ichthyosis community a 40% discount on Dermasuri Exfoliting Body cloths

I make no money from this and was also given a box to giveaway for a raffle if anyone is interested let me know, its until the end of the month

The code is Ichthyosis19

Happy #IAM19

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