My son was born with icthyosis. Not a severe case.
My father has a decently severe case so i knew what to look for.
While i was pregnant his chromosomes came back abnormal and after bitch i noticed the scaly like skin on his feet only. Aa montha passed his head became worse. These two ares seemed to only be mildly effected. As years went on his skin became dryer and the scaling spread.
About a year ago i took him to a dermatologist who knew much about this disease. She prescribed an over the counter cream and lotion and specific waah. He also uses head a shoulders. Thia worked for a long time.
This winter has been hard and even woth lotion 2-4 times daily its still not much relief.
I recently watched a video where a child recieved so much relief from cannabis cream. And all i can think about is how do i get this for my child?!

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