Hi, I'm new to the forum, but 64 years into x-linked ichthyosis. After decades of experimenting, the treatment that works for me is to scrub my skin thoroughly each time I shower (scrubbing gloves from drugstore work well, also use pumice stone or even vegetable scrubber). When I get out, while my skin is still wet, I apply a 12% ammonium lactate lotion (there are lots of them out there--I use Jamp's "Lactate-hydra") all over my body. That gets the alpha-hydroxy acid in full concentration right onto the skin. Then I cover that with a layer of high urea lotion (I use Dermal Therapy Heel Care--25% urea) that seals in the moisture. On my face I use a mixture of the high urea lotion and "Cerave Renewing SA Lotion" which has ASA, ammonium lactate, Ceramides, and cholesterol which all help break down the skin cells and protect the moisture barrier. For many years I had a prescription from my dermatologist which consisted of 2% Hydrocortizone, 5% glycerin, and 5% urea in LacHydrin lotion (12% ammonium lactate). This works great on areas that get inflamed (the cortizone heals it basically). But over time that much cortizone can get absorbed through the skin and cause some calcium bone loss (it happened to me). So I only use it now on really troublesome areas when I need it--not over my whole body. Sunshine also helps break down the skin bonds.