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#29926 - 07/01/15 10:08 AM On my hands and feet
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I need help, I have been suffering with Icthyosis for 24 years of my life (Since born)

My body itself isnt too bad and is manageable. My hand and feet tho are out of control. getting to the point where in the nights i will wake up in pain. In the mornings I am unable to open my hands completely and stretch my fingers right out until warm water is applied.

I have tried Pumice stone which i am still currently using but been reading that it causes more hard dead skin to return.
This is the only way at the moment i can actually manage it.

I work with a lot of people and shake hands with strangers and always feel worried scared and have low self esteem about it .

Please see images attached of my hands. My feet are also very similar but worse as they are usually covered and not 100% too worried at the moment about them. but mainly my hands as they are exposed everyday.

If anyone knows some remedy please reply

#30274 - 05/07/16 09:29 AM Re: On my hands and feet [Re: j1990]
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Hi! I See you posted quite some time ago. Have you come up with a solution? This... was a miracle on my feet, but way too expensive for me to purchase on a regular basis. My solution was to make my own. In researching the product, the active ingredients are urea, lactic acid and salicylic acid. Urea is great at helping skin retain moisture, and the acids help loosen up the layers of skin. lactic acid goes a little deeper than salicylic acid, but the latter is much stronger. If you want more info on how I made it, let me know. This loosens up all the dead, thick skin and allows it to exfoliate very easily in the shower. Used on a daily basis, I would say my feet are almost soft...almost. smile One additional thought...this requires some pretty extreme habit changes, but perhaps you would consider healing your skin from the inside out. I am talking about healing, not just covering up symptoms. It is what I am doing, and I am seeing fabulous results. For more info, read my other recent posts, or reply back and I could share more of what I am doing. I promise I am not toting a product, but I will also tell you that it is not an overnight cure and it does require a pretty significant commitment to diet and nutrition. Either way, I hope this post is helpful to you and anyone else who may read it. God bless!

#30451 - 08/26/16 12:09 PM Re: On my hands and feet [Re: j1990]
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and of course no update... but anyway, I just think that there would always be people looking at it "strange" and afraid, but you've just got to deal with it. you can't change what they think, but you need to change how you react to it.
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