My X-Linked responds so well to a visit to the beach that for 40 years my family doctors referred to it as a 'salt deficiency'. They would wonder why putting salt in the bath didn't help, but a few weeks at the beach and Wow perfect skin.

The breaking ocean waves are known to create a zone about 500 metres wide that has extremely humid moist air, caused by the breaking surf. This is by far the best place to be with Ichthyosis in my opinion.

This summer has been very humid here in Sydney with lots of rain and storms. My skin is loving it, I can go to the pool and be happy. Winter here gets very dry and my skin hates it. I need to motivate myself to go to the beach in winter as well.

We go camping in that 500 metre zone so my skin gets a 24/7 moisture treatment. And the camping fees are much lower in winter as well, LOL!