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#29119 - 02/02/14 02:40 PM Genetic Predisposition to Other Related Issues
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Hello Friends,

Has Ichthyosis been linked to any other issues?

One of my friends told me that a person with Ichthyosis has a predisposition to having a sensitive kidney, i.e. early CKD.

Any information on this?

#29120 - 02/04/14 02:26 AM Re: Genetic Predisposition to Other Related Issues [Re: Vamsee K]
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Absolutely none that I'm aware of. There are a few types of ichthyosis that are syndromic, but most of them are incredibly rare, even among ichthyosis families. In general, I've never heard of a link between kidney problems and the major forms of ichthyosis.
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#29125 - 02/16/14 10:39 PM Re: Genetic Predisposition to Other Related Issues [Re: Vamsee K]
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I think there are one or two side affects but agree with regards kidneys, nothing I have heard of. Dry eyes I think is one where the drier skin can cause some tensioning around the eyes leading to drier eyes over night, but I'm not even sure about that one.
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#29126 - 02/18/14 12:06 AM Re: Genetic Predisposition to Other Related Issues [Re: Vamsee K]
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I have posted an anecdote on here before that I read in a dermatology journal regarding kidneys and Ichthyosis. The gist of it was about a man who was not born with it, but developed it later in life. In a doctor's quest to find out how a man suddenly developed a genetic skin problem that you are born with, a tumor was found on his kidney. When the tumor was removed, the skin problem vanished. Several years later, the Ichthyosis returned and yet another tumor was found on his kidney. It was removed and again his skin cleared up. This was a dermatology text book from the sixties, so take it for whatever you think it's worth but I found it to be an interesting story. I have no idea if any further research has been done regarding this relationship...


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