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#20110 - 11/09/00 10:32 PM Aloe Vera Juice
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Guys and Gals,
Anyone out there tried taking aloe vera juice? If so, what kind of results have you had - I'm interested in finding out 'cos I'm thinking of giving it to Aiesha.

Thanks in anticipation,


#20111 - 11/14/00 08:34 PM Re: Aloe Vera Juice
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Hello Sonia,

There are different types of Aloe Vera juice out there so I don't know which one your implying to. I've used one type aloe vera juice in the past (a year ago) from forever young products. My skin got soft after a week but only lasted a couple of months and never got better so I stopped using the product and just used the liquid soap made from aloe vera (for your hands and face) instead because it makes my hands and face so smooth. Before I go to sleep I wash my face with the aloe vera liquid soap and it makes my skin feels so soft and it washes all my make-up off.

I hope that sorta helps you out a little bit. I always that that aloe vera is a big help on my skin so I sometimes rub the actual aloe vera on my skin and it's stays soft for hours.

If you have any other questions that my help, please ask.

#28961 - 07/09/13 01:16 PM Re: Aloe Vera Juice [Re: sonia]
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I've been using aloe vera juice for almost 2 weeks and I'm loving it, it makes my skin very soft and smooth. I've read many times that you can also use aloe vera gel but I haven't tried it yet. By the way I make aloe vera juice by myself, I buy leaves and make juice at home, cause I always rely on natural things rather than artificial ones.

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