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#28726 - 12/08/12 01:24 AM Re: Relationships [Re: Nikkster]
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This is a really interesting topic especially because I always thought that guys have it harder in the relationship department. As a woman you may have to adapt to certain standards of beauty, but at least as a girl I do not need to work up the courage to actively hit on a guy. It's just socially expected of men to do it while girls are on the receiving end of the deal.
But I guess I would hve a hard time doing that with or without ichthyose, after all rejection hurts regardless of the reason you are being rejected for wink.

Before college (I'm currently 20 years old and have CIE, just some basic information), I went to an all girls school and I think that helped me alot in the 'bullying' department. Girls can be mean, but without boys we also tend to form closer bonds. I really feel that it took some of the pressure of my teenager years that I didn't need to deal with boys and realtionships on top of the issues of growing up and having ichthyose. but I guess it also sheltered me in the sense that I really do not have an exact idea what men go thorugh in puberty (I only see the result.......or you know, what counts as result :P)
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#28741 - 12/19/12 08:11 PM Re: Relationships [Re: eve92]
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Just wanted to say as a male in my early 40's with Lamellar Ichthyosis that dealing with women has gotten easier over the years. I would think that women would have it tougher because men, even though we do have to deal with how we look, probably can use confidence to trump a lot of things. And even faking it can get you pretty far. While I think confidence comes with age I have read books over the years dealing with body language and eye contact and those have helped alot. I have also read books from the pick artist community like Neil Strauss' The Game and those have helped too. I don't condone everything in that book and I'm not out picking up women in bars every weekend but it did make me realize that while I wasn't doing anything to repel women I also wasn't doing much to try to attract them either. Even Leil Lowndes book Undercover Sex Signals, which doesn't contain anything really suprising, really drove home the point to me that women are constantly sizing men up as soon as they walk through the door to see how they well they handle themselves. An attractive woman can fall flat on her face and that won't bother men one bit but men don't have that luxury in those first few minutes. So for me women have become fun again and that was something that got lost along the way.

#28795 - 02/05/13 10:53 AM Re: Relationships [Re: Nikkster]
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Hello Everyone,
My name is Kehkasha and i am 23.
I just got recently engaged to a guy who is so good, and i really love him a lot. I stay in India and he stays in US so there its a long distance relationship till the time we get married. when i was young (4yrs old) i came to know that my skin was not like other kids and at first i was so innocent that did not notice but gradually as i grew up i became ashamed of it as i could not wear skirts or shorts while i was skating. I felt really bad when i used to skate and people used to look at my legs. When i came in collage i learnt the art to hide my used to wear skinny jeans and traditional indian dresses which covers the body. but the wish to wear skirts was always there. Now as i got engaged i am hiding this one single secret from my finance and i dont want him to knw because he will leave me..i usually gave him hints that what if i turn out to be a horrible monster, would you leave me..n he always said no,,but i know that once he comes to know this secret he wont love me the way he is doing now..
Just because of this i am so scared and depressed and i really dont want to lose him because he is the best thing ever happned in my entire life,, i cnt see him see me like that..
Please help me.I want this suffering to end and i cannot live like this any more.. we are getting married in November 2013 and i dont know what to do.
Please please help me because god cant.

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