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#28713 - 11/26/12 09:15 PM How to cure ichthyosis? Help.
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Hi friends! My name is Dima, i'm from Russia. I'm 20 years old.
Immediately apologize for my English, I did not know much him.

I was born sick ichthyosis. My whole life interfered with the disease.
My skin is dry and often scaly.

To 19 years, I drank only vitamins.
Recently, our doctor prescribed me an ointment "EMOLIUM BODY EMULSION (sodium hyaluronate, urea, macadamia oil, shea butter, caprylic/capric triglycerides)". With the ointment I felt a little better, but not enough.
This is the best that could advise me doctors!

This summer I spent two months on vacation in a warm country. There, my skin was perfect and did not peel off. I think it's because of fruit and vitamins.

Here I am asking for your help, because your country is more advanced medicine. Tell me, please, what can cure this disease? Where can I buy ointments, soaps or lotions for this disease?

Thank you very much,

#28718 - 11/29/12 01:13 AM Re: How to cure ichthyosis? Help. [Re: rybalka92]
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Hello Dmitry
Welcome to our ichthyosis group. Currently there is no cure for ichthyosis, but there is a lot of research going on worldwide that gives us hope for the future.One of the methods to help our skin is using the alpha hydroxy acid creams including urea, lactic, glycollic, and salicyllic acid. I prefer a strong 12% lactic acid cream called Lachydrin made by Westwood Squibb along with glycerin. It helps moisturize our skin and controls itching. There is a company from Ontario Canada called Dermal Therapy. Their 10% urea/10% lactic acid cream is a very good cream they will ship anywhere in the world. Their site is If you would like to communicate personally, my email is: Take care Dmitry and I hope to see more of your posts.
Les Avakian


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