Hi everyone,

I've tried every method to help exfoliate my dry skin from IV and i get mild results at best. Using tape to remove dry skin and special lotions can only relieve the look and feel of the skin partially.

However recently I've discovered a service called a Korean Body Scrub (I'm from NYC so they have this service available in several locations! I was referred to this through a friend who found a Groupon for it)--basically what they do is have you sit in a steam room and then they spend an hour rubbing all the dead skin off your body! They use these special vicose gloves (that you can get at any korean store for about $2 USD) and rub LOADS and LAYERS of skin off your body. I've never seen so much dead skin in my life (I've rubbed off my own dead skin after a hot shower before but it's NOTHING close to how much this service can get off).

please note that this isn't meant to be comfortable--they REALLY go at it with the gloves and the point is to exfoliate every bit of dead skin on your body so they will scrub hard and over and over until you only have fresh skin. But it's so worth it because it's like you don't even have IV afterwards!

The skin that comes off looks like paper balls almost, and there is so much coming off my body that the Korean service ladies always comment on how much dead skin I have. They exfoliate you for about an hour by hand/gloves and it's amazing--the floor is littered with a ridiculous amount of these white-ish paperballs of my skin. Once they're done, I don't even have to use lotion for a while afterwards AND THAT NEVER IS THE CASE! (I MUST MUST MUST have lotion on or my skin looks disgustingly dry)

It's a great suggestion for people who need relief from scaly/dry skin as IV is pretty much the inability to shed our dead skin resulting in scales.

Unfortunately with our condition, the dry skin will eventually come back as new skin cells grow and old ones die so this isn't a permanent fix--but I usually get this scrub right before summer, and mid summer as well. Also once during the winter time when i can't stand the way my skin looks. It is a pretty incredible change.

Here is a link for more information:


i go to this spa to get it done:


Thanks!! just wanted to share a great discovery--i hope this service is offered in other places out of NYC as well! Trust me once you go the first time, you can't help but go back every few months!