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#28654 - 10/12/12 07:52 AM Advice please - diapers for EHK baby
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Hi there,

My daughter is 4 months old and has EHK. We are using Pampers Cruisers and vaseline on skin in that area, but have always had issues with groin area blistering. Currently using Intrasite Conformable in diaper which seams to help a bit inside of diaper area, but blistering and rough skin are still a problem around waist band and leg bands.

I've been advised that cloth diapers are quite rough and are just as bad around the legs. Since my daughter is moving her legs much more now that she's getting older, I'd like to find some other solution for this. Any advice?

#28688 - 11/04/12 03:06 AM Re: Advice please - diapers for EHK baby [Re: Alexasmom]
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My son was born with IV and we used Pampers Sensitive for a size 1 and size 2; then they stopped working for him. The only diapers that worked for him were Earth's Best. We also tried Seventh Generation, but these gave him a nasty rash. We've been buying Earth's Best from Amazon ever since. Good luck!

#28703 - 11/14/12 03:30 AM Re: Advice please - diapers for EHK baby [Re: Alexasmom]
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My son has EHK - we used a brand called Moonies from Japan then found a brand called babylove here in Australia - point is they are both manufactured by a company called UNICHARM - so if you were to try and contact or search a brand in your country manufactured by UNICHARM it should be same/similar - they are REALLY soft and relatively thin, but still effective -especially the moonies, there may be someone importing nappies to the Japanese community near you as there is here in Australia. As far as cloth nappies go some bamboo some are very soft, but also bulky. Look into EC (elimination communication) and think seriously about lots of nappy free time and early potty training. Harry is out of day nappies at 2yrs old and it's definitely made a difference to his comfort and posture.


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