My name is Nick im 27 years old lameller icthyosis sufferer. I'd like to share my story and how medical cannabis has changed my life with this disease.For the record, I come from a great loving family, I'm college educated, and do not participate in any drugs besides the occasional beer.

Im originally from NJ, and during my college years I used marijuana relationally after looking down upon it for years.After my first consumption, I knew that it was a special herb because of the smile it put on me and my friends faces, but I also knew there was more relief in it for me than my college friends due to my conditon.

Now one thing you need to know about marijuan is that its not all the same. There are differnt grades of quality which makes a big differnce, as well as differnt genetics which play an even bigger role.

Living in NJ I was never sure of what type of cannabis I was smoking, but I knew some provided more relif than others.

After doing genetic research, I found out there was 2 types.


They are both marijuana but offer 2 differnt effects.

Indica is good for Pain relief, It aids Sleep, and hunger. The effects of indica is more "in the body"

then you have

Sativa which is good for depression, headaches, adhd and other mental illness. The sativa is more of a head felt high, and not body like the Indica.

Now that you understand a bit more, lets fastfoward to 2006. In 2006 I decided to move to California, to see how the constant 70 degree weather would effect my skin.

Thats also where I found medical cannabis. After getting my first checkup from my new doctor, we went over all my illnesses, and obviously icthyosis came up, we talked more about it. He asked what effects it has on me. I told him besides the anxiety that comes along with being differnt, its the itching that makes me not normal and causes my brain to go insane. This is when he giggled and told me about medical marijuana and told me If i was interested, he would give me a recomendation. He also told me he had a psoriasis patient that was living a considerably better life because of it.

Having smoked before, and knowing the good effects it had on me. I was more than happy to give medical cannabis a try.

These are the following issues that I have been treating now with medical marijuana for the past 4 years with 100% sucess.

For me personally the itching causes the most mental agony for me. I have times where I felt like i was going to end up in a mental asylum due to the uncontrollable itching rages, either that or i was going to rip lessions my skin off. I have ALOTTTT of issues with my scalp, it was almost everynite i would itch and pick, and bleed all over my pillow and cry because of the pain and agony.


the second I feel a itchy fit coming on (a few a day, but mostly at bedtime) I medicate with a small amount of INDICA.This provides me instant relief from itching and transforms my brain from bugging out due to the itching, to relaxing and smiling.

2. Depression

I consider myself a very very positive person, and thanks to icthyosis I am able to overcome alot being used to adversity. But I will tell you, and im sure that its the same with most of us. There is a small depression that comes and goes and varys with differnt situations. Agian none of my friends or family would consider me depressed. But this is something I dont show. It has to do with alot of differnt things. Like having to wonder if the new girl I met is gonna except me once we become intimate, or the endless scary thoughts of will my kids be born with this.. just to give you an example.

Well when im down from time to time, A small amount of Sativa Cannabis picks me right up. Makes me smile, and keeps me trucking.

Last but not least is probly the best thing yet

Medical Cannabis lotion !!!

My friends this has changed my life more than anything.

It is a lotion infused with cannabis material which does not provide any psycoactive "high" but it does give therapeutic healing to wherever it is applied.

When i first started using it, it not only helped keep good moisture levels in my skin, but my body felt good, something thats hard to come by living in a scale suit. My body felt 100% free for the first time in my life, I was a grown man crying naked in my bathroom applying this stuff watching it free away all the scales and at the same time making my body feel great.

After such success i decided to give my scalp a try which is the most covered in scale part of my body. I constantly pick thick half dime size scales off my head thru out the day, and having somewhat long hair doesnt help much.

Well I had such an overwelming response with the skin on my body that i decided to do something that I have never done before and shaved my head bald, only because i wanted this magic lotion soaked into my scalp so i could feel normal like the rest of my body.

Well my friends tears , tears, tears agian after soaking my scalp in the lotion i felt as if i was removing years and years of scales, it wouldnt stop coming off, i though i was going to see my brain at one point !

It literaly descaled my whole scalp !!! something no t-gel or medicated shampoo has ever been able to do for me. Not only did it descale me, but it provided am amazing fresh reborn feeling all over my skin.

Its now 3 years later, Im still using my cannabis lotion, and have totaly done away with my Neocuticals, and St Ives which once were my savior.

I am also vaporizing cannabis, when I have itch episodes, or a blast of depression.

I also now work for a medical marijuana dispensary myself, which will be opening there doors to all of you, as we have a show starting on Discovery Chanell called Weed Wars.

I know that it has been very theraputic to me in my life, and I know its not for everyone. And sadly not all states have medical marijuana. But if you have the option to get it, and are even considering it. I will firmly sugest you do so. I am also here to anwnser any questions you have about the medicine or consumption.

btw this amazing lotion i talk about has a website, you can read some testimonials about what it has done for other people aswell.


Ever need to talk ? Im always here im me on aim "GALLINAspeedsk2"