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#28075 - 11/17/11 08:13 PM Newly pregnant, questions about LI
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I just found out I am 5weeks pregnant..hooray! I have lamellar ich and my husband has no family history of a skin issue. What are the odds my child will also have LI? Also, I use PDS cream from neoceuticals and amlactin, can anyone tell me if these are safe to use while pregnant? Thank you!!

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Your odds of passing it along are very low. 100% chance that your babies will all be carriers. However, the odds that your husband is a carrier is 1/250. If he is, there's a 1/2 chance of passing along the LI mutation and a 1/2 chance of passing on a normal gene.

So: 1/250 x 1/2 x 1/1 = 1/500 chance of passing it to your child.

If on the off chance he really is a carrier, which you won't know until after you have a baby that's affected or go through genetic testing with him, then the odds are

1/2 (him) x 1/1 (you) = 1/2 kids affected, 1/2 kids carriers.

Also, if he's a carrier for any other skin mutation gene than the one you have, your child won't have ichthyosis. So if you have, say, TGM1 mutation, and he carries a mutation for ICHTHYIN, your child would only be a carrier and not affected.
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