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#27971 - 10/02/11 04:29 AM Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss
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Hi. I'm 25 yrs old and new to the forum. I've had ichthyosis all my life as part of my Chondrodysplasia punctata (Conradi's, a form of dwarfism). I have no idea what type of ichthyosis it is but it's definitely more on the moderate to severe side. For example, I have 'floaters' in my eyes which my eye doctor said is from the dryness of my eyes.

Lately I have noticed that my hair has gotten increasingly frizzier. It's always been very frizzy, with a section along the top middle of my hair being almost kind of kinky while the rest of my hair is stick straight. My hair is very fine and of course dry. I have always had bald spots but I have noticed that some places are thinning out. I'm guessing this has to do with the thick dry skin in those areas.

I have tried so many types of hair products - both shampoo/conditioners as well as styling products and nothing really 'fixes' it. What do you all recommend for someone with a sensitive scalp and thin, fine hair that is easily weighed down and made greasy by products?

I have also started to get a few white hairs and am not sure if I'll ever be able to dye my hair since just using Sun-In to lighten my hair as a teen burned after 5 minutes in my hair.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

#28066 - 11/16/11 10:52 AM Re: Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss [Re: strgazr04]
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People who are facing the problem of hair fall, mix one spoon of olive oil, one spoon of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon, apply this mixture to your hair leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it. After few days hair fall will stop and your hair becomes shiny and strong.

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#28071 - 11/16/11 01:56 PM Re: Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss [Re: strgazr04]
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I don't know about the recipe posted by mickle...but there are some products that might help you.
In cosmetology school I got turned on to the Nioxin line of products. They are usually sold through salons and licensed cosmetologists only, but sometimes because of warehouse liquidators, you can find them at Target or Walgreen's.
They sell an excellent scalp exfoliator and a line of products designed just for thin, thinning and fine hair. If you have a stylist that you have a good relationship with, ask them to order for you and maybe try a sample pack. The website is so you can see what they have to offer.
The affordable route is Sally Beauty. If you go to their website and search on "Nioxin" you will get the Sally version of those products. They really do help and it's worth it to buy a good product. I can tell you that in the case of these products, less really is more. These products will last a long time and I think that they are worth the money.
Let us know what you try and what helps!

#28082 - 11/19/11 01:03 PM Re: Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss [Re: mickle]
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#28238 - 02/01/12 05:41 AM Re: Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss [Re: strgazr04]
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Thanks for informing about Bald Spots & Hair Loss . I am also facing this problem for many years and still have . I would definitely try this option .

#28645 - 10/03/12 02:55 AM Re: Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss [Re: strgazr04]

I have only recently realized that my lifelong skin condition is in fact icthiosis vulgaris. My greatest struggle is that I have lost most of my hair. I now wear hair pieces. After reading the suggestions is there a chance that my hair might grow back?

#28649 - 10/09/12 12:59 PM Re: Hair Care - Bald Spots & Hair Loss [Re: strgazr04]
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It is unlikely that you lost your hair due to ichthyosis vulgaris. Male pattern baldness is x-linked and much more common. It is entirely possible that you carry that gene. Most likely your maternal grandfather or great grandfather or some of your maternal uncles have similar hair loss issues.
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