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#27927 - 09/08/11 01:24 AM Ichthyosis and eyesight
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Is there any link between ichthyosis (specifically lamellar) and vision problems? I received an e-mail from the school nurse today asking if we have had Brandyn's vision tested as he seems to need to bring objects close to his face to see them. My husbands side of the family has significant vision problems so it is very possible that this has absolutely nothing to do with ichthyosis but I'm just curious. His eyes are very watery which I know is common because his eyes are very dry and we use drops/lacrilube to help. I have an appointment with his eye doctor next week so we will know more then.

My name is Morgan. My son Brandyn was born on 26th June, 2008 in Sydney, Australia as a collodion baby and has been diagnosed with lamellar ichthyosis.

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Hi Morgan,
I work with an opthamologist and far as I know there is no conncetion to ich. Bad vision is passed down in families so it's probably just one of those great traits we inflict on our kids... Have you asked your doctor about lacricerts for your sons dry eye problem? It's painless and a longer lasting soultion to the drops. Also, becareful not to over use the reweting drop because you can wash away the lipid layer, if you do over use them. Your eye produces tears and lipid from different parts of the eye and I see patients all the time, who over use the drops and aggravate the dry eye problem by doing this.
Good luck!

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Yes, there is a link, especially with lamellar. Because their eyelids pull down, they never close completely, which means the tears that naturally hydrate the eyes tend to dry out and leave the corneas too dry. The corneas can erode, making them bumpy and uneven. This makes light not bend correctly into the eye and causes blurred vision. Corneas are not well vascularized - that is, they don't have a lot of blood vessels feeding them - so once damaged, they take forever to heal.

The daily solution for minimizing eye damage is applying eye ointment like Lacrilube or Clear Eyes or GenTeal or any of several other options, as well as using saline drops throughout the day. The lacricerts are supposed to be fantastic as well, although we've never tried them.

It sounds like you're already doing these things, and yes, it's very possible that your child is nearsighted as well as affected by ichthyosis. Nearsightedness is when the shape of the eye is too long, and the eye focuses light somewhere in mid-eye instead of right on the optic nerve. Thus, the image that hits the optic nerve is out of focus.
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