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#27858 - 08/03/11 11:26 PM Finally Going to the Doctor
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I am going to be going to the doctor on august 5th to discuss medical issues and hopefully talk about skin stuff... I have decided i am going to try again with treatments. I just don't want to do accutane or soriatane.. What is everyone else using that they find helpful?

#27872 - 08/06/11 07:21 PM Re: Finally Going to the Doctor [Re: luckelizard]
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We use tazorac on the bad spots. A little dab every 5-6 weeks or so on the neck and behind the knees makes a huge difference and minimizes the risk of side effects that the oral versions have.

Otherwise, we just scrub a lot, use bleach in the bath, use a dremel on the thick callouses, and just keep it under control manually.

Our doctor has my husband trying 40% urea cream on his feet, wrapped in plastic wrap all night. I don't think it is making any difference for us, although I have heard other people say it works great for them.
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I used tazorac as an acne treatment in highschool. Good luck. I'd like to hear what the other options are, just to stay in the loop on treatment options. right now Ivy only uses creams, urea and lactic acid and cetaphil.


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