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#27717 - 06/09/11 11:58 PM Re: Our New arrival [Re: AT:)]
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Hi Andrea, I have sent you a PM (private Message) with my email address, when you log in you should see an envelope flashing next to the 'My Stuff' tab at the top which shows you have a new private message.Thanks for offering to talk, I really appreciate it.
Best wishes
My name is Melanie, I'm 32 years old and am from the UK. I have Bullous Ichthyosis (EHK)and have a baby daughter with Bullous/EHK also. I run the website below;

#27720 - 06/12/11 02:18 AM Re: Our New arrival [Re: AT:)]

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one of the softest cloth diapers i have found is Happy Heiney (sp) Super Soft. I had the hardest time with my son when he was in diapers-cloth and store bought. I just discovered these when I was pregnant with my daughter. I hope you find something that works well for you.. I know how irritating it can me to spend money on diapers that your babies cant wear.

#27737 - 06/18/11 11:33 AM Re: Our New arrival [Re: MamaH2]
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Hi Lizzy - sounds like you did your own form of EC! I was keen to do that, but the reality of twins and EHK and sleep deprivation threw that out the window!
Melanie - Keeping in touch as a group of EHK mums is a great idea - i've joined your facebook page - have you others found it too?

Originally Posted By: MamaH2
Melanie, congrats on your baby. I know I'm a bit late on the nappie info, but we used 100% unbleached cotton prefold diapers without covers for at home. Ivy didn't get as many blisters with those as with the paper diapers. When we did go out we used BumGenius! cloth diapers. I also made sure that the elastic was never too tight around her legs. That seemed to cause more blisters. But honestly, the best thing for her during the first many months was to go without a diaper. (she was actually bare bummed for most of her first 2 years!) we don't have carpet in our home so it wasn't a big deal, and she potty trained extremely easily!
Have you ever heard of elimination communication? I don't have the time or patience to do it, but it would have saved Ivy's skin a few bum blisters.
She still gets blisters on her bum, it seems like that is the most blistery area, despite the fact that she wears big girl undies now.

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