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#27535 - 04/05/11 08:49 PM Sarah's April Topic - You just noticed?!?
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Hey All!
I've been away for a bit, doing this and that.

Every day I take my two big dogs to the off leash park for some galavanting. Every day I chat, walk with or sit with the same people as our dogs play.

Yesterday this guy (his Vizslas name is Ginger) commented, in a nice but curious way, on my hands. I've know this guy for almost a year!

The others with us chuckled and wondered why he'd never noticed before. He just shrugged and listened to my explanation. He'll learn even more in a couple of months when the shorts come out.

I'm not sure if this delayed response was due to winter, and gloves, or him just not being observant.

Has this ever happened to you?
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#27580 - 04/24/11 12:09 AM Re: Sarah's April Topic - You just noticed?!? [Re: Sarah Helen]
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Ivy has such normal looking skin almost everywhere visible except her palms and feet that no one really notices. Usually if they're strangers they comment about how she must have been painting that day. But when acquaintances notice for the first time I just tell them about it and steer the conversation away from the "oh, poor girl" comments. I am surprised that more moms at my son's preschool haven't noticed yet, they see her twice a week and she never wears gloves!


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