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#24593 - 06/16/09 12:48 AM Does anyone know about Ich and Tattoos?
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I'm not sure what kind of ichthyosis I have, but as long as i keep moisturizing, my skin stays okay, with some patches of dry, rough skin. I think this is EHK? not too positive

anywayz, my question, is has anyone on the forum gotten a tattoo? and did all go well?, because I want to get one, but don't want to waste money.

I read about a girl who had EHK, and her Tattoo scabbed over and then when the scab came off the tattoo did as well... but I've never scabbed like that... idk if it was a part of her ichthyosis or if it was just the tattoo...

anyway, anything that would be useful I'd appreciate VERY MUCH



#24598 - 06/16/09 10:38 AM Re: Does anyone know about Ich and Tattoos? [Re: Zack]
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I have EHK and I have a tattoo on my lower back where the skin is "normal" and have had no problems. Periodically, I get a haze of light, dry skin over it but it towels right off after a shower. It's been several years now and it still looks great.
My Dad has Ich as well and had some pretty unprofessional tattoos done when he was very young and at 65 they are still there, whether he likes it or not smile

#24609 - 06/17/09 05:17 PM Re: Does anyone know about Ich and Tattoos? [Re: Glori]
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I have vulgaris and have had a tattoo on my shoulder for about 13 years now - never had a problem with it, in fact it's the best part of my skin! Looking for a new design for another tattoo now - be warned, once you get one you want another ....

#24612 - 06/17/09 08:22 PM Re: Does anyone know about Ich and Tattoos? [Re: Peachfuzz]
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I have three tattoo's two of them on very soft inner parts where my skin seems very unaffected. The last and most recent one I got on the back of my neck, slightly affected skin area...not bad for vulgaris ichthyosis...they all look good except the on on the back of my neck needed a touch up within 6 weeks but they all look great now.

#27482 - 03/11/11 06:39 PM Re: Does anyone know about Ich and Tattoos? [Re: October]
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I have a full sleeve on my left arm, I can say that it seems like because of the icthyosis that ink dosn't take as well as it does for my wife, or friends. My tattoos all look like they've been on me for a very very long time.(Black looks greener than a tattoo that my wife got at the same time.) However the skin on my tattoos seems to be less effected than my right arm which is naked.

Full body tattoo Icthy therapy? (I could only hope to have such an excuse to get more.)


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