I'm trying to find another parent or person who has a form of Ich like EHK (or one that affects all skin areas) and had hearing aids. We've got 4 generations in our family but have absolutely no experience with hearing aids. We are teaching our son sign language right now as well.

Any tips? Right now I am in the process of getting his derm and ENT doctor connected so we can get a schedule made for ear cleanings. They have to use anestesia for it since he's so lil, and also want to find out how the ear canals handled the hearing aids.

My first thought would possibly be to get 2 of them, one for each ear and switch ears every few days......

Cindie (TJ's mommy)
Mommy to TJ (EHK, T21, 8/14. VSD/ASD repair 11/4) Wife to WONDERFUL Husband and daddy Carlos, and Baby Mason Born 12/9/09