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#27279 - 12/26/10 07:31 PM Skin infections
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For the past 2 months or so my daughter (9mo. old with CIE) has had several reoccuring staph/strep A skin infections, celulitis,& a yeast infection on over half her body . She has been on 4-5 different antibiotics and 2 anti-fungal medications. The skin infections keep comeing back after she is off the antibiotic. I have been giving her bleach baths on a regular basis and am doing everything I am suppose to do for her skin. I feel at a loss. If anyone has been in this situation and has any aditional advice I would appreciate it.

#27284 - 12/29/10 10:47 PM Re: Skin infections [Re: mamaborer]
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I adopted my daughter at 2 years old and have been treating her skin for the past two years. We had a huge problem with the same things and still see staph once a month. Lanolin in lotions can cause yeast infections so I only use her lac lotion and then vaseline. We have a topical antibiotic for staph (I believe its called bactroban) and if I see the slightest bump (which i looked for passionately) then i put the topical antibiotic on the bump throughout the day until it disappears. You have to be on the look out for these bumps or cuts in her skin. I also have to keep her eyes moisturized so she won't rub them because it creates infections in her eyes. Also, keeping the skin from getting dry helps. If it gets too dry then the skin breaks open and can get infected. I keep vaseline on her all day to avoid the broken skin as much as possible. I hope this helps.

#27286 - 12/30/10 02:12 PM Re: Skin infections [Re: Rustina]
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There isn't necessarily a visible reason that you can control when it comes to these infections. I often go to bed just fine and wake up with blisters that came from nowhere.
Another member and I have been corresponding because we both have had very persistent cellulitis that has become pretty annoying. I will say that the since the weather turned cold everything has cleared up for me and I am better than I have been in months.
I think you might try skipping the bleach and move on to Betadine when you are bathing. I had to use that in the shower for years as a child and still have to clean razors with it before I shave.

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Also, staph can live on anything for a very long time, so what you might be seeing is you clear it up on her skin, but then she touches the kitchen drawer handle or a doorknob or faucet or something and reinfects herself because you didn't wipe it since the last time she touched it. Staph is HARD to get rid of because it is naturally just everywhere, and it's supposed to be on your (unbroken) skin.
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Both of my children have LI and are currently itching out of control. All of the doctors we have seen are determined that LI is not associated with itching (although I beg to differ). Anyhow, they have both tested positive for fungus and they want to put them on an oral anti-fungal (griseofulvin). Our pediatrician is very concerned about their livers as they are 2 1/2 years and 5 1/2 months old. He was curious as to why they are not first trying a topical anti-fungal. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Not sure how helpful this is - but Harry gets pustulles randomly and I use 3% hydrogen peroxide on them and they clear up really quickly - a good bubbling/fizzing reaction means there is bacteria there and it's killing them.


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