Hi, not sure where in the World I am posting, but here goes.
I have had mild to severe ichthyosis for all of my life.
A hot warm climate does wonders for mine and when I am in such a climate my skin is very good.
When I return to a winter in the UK, my skin gets very bad. I have discovered in the last two years that taking an amino acid called lysine helps my condition greatly. On top of that using a mixture of 15% glycerin and 85% water, as a moisturiser after bathing, works wonders too (not for scalp or face).
Has anyone else tried this? I know this skin complaint has many types, so may not work for everyone.

Lysine is a natural amino acid and glycerine is a form of sugar.
I use 1000mg lysine daily, but a child would need less. If you live in the UK, you can get glycerine and rosewater from Boots the Chemist.

Hope it might help someone,