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#27036 - 10/30/10 09:42 PM Sweaty fingertips?? Please read. I'm reallyworried
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Hi there. I hope someone can she.d some light on this for me.

I have a 10 year old daughter with ichthyosis vulgaris, exzema, and chronic skin allergies. She has shown me tonight that she has very sweaty fingertips..(i find this very strange as she never sweats...just overheats) when I looked at her fingers they were cold at the tips but wet..when I wiped them I could watch the sweat reappear.

Has anyone else any experience of this?

I have recently discovered that she has an intollerance to an anthihistamine tablet she was orescribed as it gave her tremors...could this be connected?

Please help if you can....I'm pretty concerned by it!

M anythanks


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#27046 - 10/31/10 04:24 PM Re: Sweaty fingertips?? Please read. I'm reallyworried [Re: sarahjane]
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Is it sweat or is it interstitial fluid? Like when you get a cut and that clearish yellow fluid bubbles up before it starts bleeding?

If it's sweat, something is making the sweat glands activate. It could be blood pressure, hormonal, fluid retention, or loads of other things.

If her hands are really cold, it could be condensation from the air, since fingertips tend to be cooler than the rest of the body. Again, if there's a dehydration or blood pressure issue, or even something that makes the nerves shut down the extremities, like Raynaud's syndrome or MS or a boatload of other things, you can have this happen.

If it's interstitial fluid, that's not sweat and not normal and should probably be checked promptly.

An antihistamine that gives you tremors could be causing these changes, yes.
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#27075 - 11/03/10 12:24 PM Re: Sweaty fingertips?? Please read. I'm reallyworried [Re: Hearsay]
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I don't know if this helps, but my son started sweating on his nose at around age 10. He sort of freaked at first b/c he never sweat before, just over heated. Now it's sort of a joke, he'll run over and show me his sweaty nose. He's turning 12 in December.
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#27083 - 11/03/10 09:04 PM Re: Sweaty fingertips?? Please read. I'm reallyworried [Re: sarahjane]
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Sarah Jane,

I highly doubt that the diagnosis of vulgaris is correct for your child. The underlying ability to sweat quite profusely is present even in severe cases of Vulgaris, as in my situation. Most likely your child has another form of ich if she cannot sweat, even if the weather facilitate sweating. You may want to do genetic testing. Good luck to you.


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