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#26909 - 09/23/10 09:58 AM worried about 3 month old - advice please
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firstly, Hello to all the lovely, helpful people on this forum, I wish I'd found it a long time ago.

My partner gave birth to our baby girl 3 months ago. just a few weeks after birth she started showing signs of dry skin (a general roughness on the legs and light scaling on the torso, sholders and eyebrows). As of now she has scaling on the top of her scalp. People have said it's cradle cap but I don't think so.

Myself and my brother have vulgaris (I think). We both only really noticed the flaking when we were about 10 years old. I've always just though I had 'dry skin' whereas he got a diognosis, which I've only found out the last few days after talking to him about it - after I looked up my symptoms on the net.

so... I'm very worried and have been feeling very guilty recently for not finding out more about the possibility of passing the condition on to my child.

The main thing I'm worried about it is wondering how bad the baby's condition will get (maybe it's not ichythyosis - we'll just have to wait and see, but I'm assuming it is).

Me and my brother can manage our conditions (from my research, it seems it is a rather mild form) but I'm wondering if the fact that she has shown signs a lot earlier than we did means that her condition will get worse than ours. How do the symptoms progress in a newborn?

I've been stressing about this so any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

#26910 - 09/23/10 03:06 PM Re: worried about 3 month old - advice please [Re: ichyman]
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Hi, would assume its prob vulgaris as thats what you (probably) have, although it might be poss to be carrier of one of the rarer forms ie CIE/lammelar, but have vulgaris, don't know, others (more knowlegable) will prob help. Would try not to be overly worried, most will say although ich mild/moderate forms are not 'easy' its not usually huge problem (my son has probable nbCIE & its not held him back in any way). Best wishes


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