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#26774 - 08/15/10 03:30 AM Hot Summer
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We've been inside since April due to the heat in Georgia and I'm running out of things to do! I expect we'll need to stay inside through about October as that was when it cooled down enough to take Cate out last year. About a month ago it got so hot that we haven't even been able to leave the house unless there are two adults so that one can drop off/pick up at the door to a store while the other parks/cools down the car. Hopefully the 90 degree temps will go down soon and I can use the handicapped pass to go out with Cate alone.

We go to the mall a lot, have had a bazillion tea parties and I even put a blow-up pool in our playroom (much to my husband's chagrin!). I've noticed that I'm letting her watch a lot more movies because I feel so bad about keeping her cooped up in the house and that's not something I want to turn into a habit.

What have you been doing to keep your kiddos occupied inside?
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#26775 - 08/15/10 06:43 PM Re: Hot Summer [Re: MonkeyMama]
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Wow I'm sorry that you guys can't even get out in the car, luckily Kallie deals with the South Alabama heat really well, we can't spend long periods of time outside but the boiling hot car doesn't bother her.

Is she in to art projects? Maybe you could do that, take an extra bath? Read lots of books! Maybe go to the library and hang out there for most of the day reading?!
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#26781 - 08/16/10 04:14 AM Re: Hot Summer [Re: MomofPrincesses]
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I can't imagine being cooped up in the house for so long! It sounds like you're dealing with it the best you can, though!

Thankfully like Kallie, Annalie deals pretty well with the Alabama heat. She sweats a little bit on her face/scalp, so I can easily tell when she's hot. I bought a clip on personal fan for the car, and that seems to really help her cool down while the car is still warm. I also make sure that she has a cup of ice water when I know we'll be getting in and out of the car several times.

Is she old enough for any board games? Hopefully it will cool down a little so that you can get out more!
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#26784 - 08/16/10 04:50 PM Re: Hot Summer [Re: kekonen]
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We love to go to restaurants with a play place in them. McDonalds and Chick-Fil-A. I usually get a soda or tea and bring a book. We sit there for hours and as long as I bought something (the soda) they don't bother me. A pretty cheep way to get out of the house and get the kids to run around a bit.

Now that both kids are potty trained and not napping, we are also going to join a swim club next year. Alex can stay in the pool all day if I let him. That way the only time he is in the heat without being in the cooling water is the walk to and from the car. Plus swimming really tires them out!!

That is at least what works for us. Good luck.
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#26810 - 08/22/10 03:33 PM Re: Hot Summer [Re: jrmiss86]
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We love going down to the local library (once a week over the summer). They have wonderful and fully separate children's area with tons of comfy beanbag chairs for lounging in the AC with a good book, all at no cost:) If you check out the calander in advance, you may find a planned reading hour designed for children of all ages. In fact, we are headed there again tomorrow. Stay cool.



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