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#23950 - 03/10/09 12:54 AM Tanning bed!!!
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I want to start by agreeing that everyone reacts differently to things so what works for me might not work for everyone else....I as 33 years old with Lamellar Ichthyosis, I have ALWAYS been told to avoid the sun, it would just make my skin worse and drier....I went into a tanning salon with my mom, she was going to tan, she had told the owner about my skin and he suggested that I try tanning she told him what the doctors said and he disagreed with that, so I went in with her and thought it can't hurt to try, I tanned for 7 mins and no change really, went back next day and did it again, after about a week I was eventually up to 15 mins. and it did make a difference in my skin, I wasn't as flaky and my skin looked and felt smoother, now this took about 2 weeks to really see the change, and its tanning 6 days a week, I can now tan for 20 mins. at a time, if I don't go for a while when I start up again I may burn the first time. (but instead of going through a drastic peel once a week I may peel only once a month) I am actually looking into buying my own bed...I sure it will be cheaper in the long run..I hope that this works for others as it has for me...I know it sounds weird...but what can it hurt to try??? Our skin is already dry, if it doesn't work then just go back to your normal routine, there are no side effects to this either...THAT'S A BONUS smile GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE THAT TRIES!!!! let me know if it does or doesn't help!!!! I HOPE IT DOES

#23973 - 03/13/09 01:23 PM Re: Tanning bed!!! [Re: christie]
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i've found that with lac-hydrin 12% lotion and laying out in the sun..with me i have to also use sunscreen 45 due to me being a redhead with fair skin works wonders for peeling along with long soaking in the bath tub afterwards

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So you have found out that the sun actually helps with your skin? That's so reassuring b/c I live in the south and we spend lots of time on the beach and in the sun in general and I was really worried for my daugther! I am glad to hear that the sun has helped, it makes sense that if you tan the rest of you that it might camoflauge the scales! LOL
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I had a real nice dark tan for the first time in my peeled after a week.
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