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#24208 - 04/17/09 05:34 PM Lamellar in Southern Cal?
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Hello all, my 2-year-old son has Lamellar or CIE, doctors are not sure. We are thinking about moving to Southern California and would like to get some feedback from anyone who can address related climate issues there. How bad is the impact of the dry air for the skin? Any other concerns or issues? Thank you in advance for your help.

#24241 - 04/23/09 12:57 AM Re: Lamellar in Southern Cal? [Re: HariMommy2]
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I used to live in Southern California with severe Vulgaris. SC is basically desert, maybe not as dry as Vegas, but not that much better.

From postings I have seen on this website, the climate that suits Lamellar or CIE the best would be something that is mildly cool, such as the weather of the Pacific Northwest. This seems to be logical for people who cannot sweat or have great difficulty breaking even a little sweat.

#24777 - 07/17/09 02:25 AM Re: Lamellar in Southern Cal? [Re: HariMommy2]
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I would strongly recommend against it.

Such a dry climate as southern CA would be really hard. You'd want things all over the house to keep moisture in the air such as humidifiers or decorative fountains.

Going out without a hat would never be possible during the daytime, and long sleeves and pants would be required. You then run the risk of overheating.

I live in Portland, OR where the summers are much like the southern CA climate. I am miserable from late May to early October. I cannot even comprehend what it would be like to live there year round. I've spent a great deal of time in Northern CA and as soon as you go south of Eureka it's no fun at all.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.

#25332 - 11/01/09 07:21 PM Re: Lamellar in Southern Cal? [Re: Chandra]
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I live in Northern California in the San Francisco area and have lived here my whole life. I have visited Southen California on many occasions and have never had any problems other than the overheating issue, which can occur anywhere you live if you don't pay attention to your body. I visited Pennsylvania several times in mid-summer and have overheated there as well. So as long as you learn to pay attention to the signs of your childs body you should be ok. Maybe it is because I have lived in California my whole life that I have no problems with the weather conditions here.
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#25426 - 11/12/09 01:28 AM Re: Lamellar in Southern Cal? [Re: LGuaragna]
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It all depends on what part of California and how close to the coast you are. I've lived in southern california all of my life within 1 mile of the beach and the only time I get dried out is when the santa ana winds blow from the east a few times a year. The further inland you go the hotter and drier it gets. Most types of Ichthyosis are sensitive to heat and especially lack of humidity. The best combination for ichthyosis seems to be mild to moderate heat with high humidity. A subtropical climate is best, a tropical climate is too hot. The pacific northwest is humid but not much heat. If you're going to move to southern california make sure it is within a few miles of the coast, you'll still have humidity around 70% and temps will normally average in the 60's and 70's except during the hottest months.

#25957 - 03/06/10 02:04 AM Re: Lamellar in Southern Cal? [Re: Keith]
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I have LI and recently moved to the central valley from the bay area.BIG MISTAKE!!!! the dry hot climate here keeps me indoors most of the summer to hot to walk even a block. the bay area was great for me just cant afford to move back:(


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