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#25412 - 11/11/09 02:19 PM Swine flu vaccine?
scotsmum Offline

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Hi, just wondered if many peoples kids had got the vaccine yet and/or are aware of needing it? we were called by our gp practice to get it for our son (CIE) and I was surprised cos had not thought about it, GP said that he is classed as immuno-suppressed due to his ich, so was priority in same way anyone with health problem such as asthma or diabetes. Wanted to bring up as had not seen it mentioned at all.

#25414 - 11/11/09 05:41 PM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: scotsmum]
jrmiss86 Offline

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we looked into it, but since it is hard to get we decided not to get it. I just plan on being on top of hand washing etc.. but then again, my kids don't have some of the same problems others with ich. have when they get sick.
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#25416 - 11/11/09 06:41 PM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: jrmiss86]
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My husband and I are done - as well as our three children!
We both work in a hospital setting (I'm a nurse - he's an electrician).
Casey (LI/CIE) was done about 10 days ago, as well as Sara, our 3 year old.
Kaitlyn is 6 and was done in school last week.

I was not aware Casey was considered immuno-suppressed due to ich. Why is that?
I just has them done because small kids are at risk generally.

No side effects!
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#25417 - 11/11/09 07:51 PM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: KimNL]
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My kids finally got it last week. There was supposed to be a clinic at the school that got canceled due to lack of supply. My pediatrician called last Monday and said my kids qualify as a high risk group. I have a preemie under age 2 with a history of respiratory problems, which was the reasoning, not so much the ichthyosis. Although, the high fever common with flu puts them at risk of heat exhaustion.
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#25425 - 11/12/09 01:04 AM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: Hearsay]
Keith Offline

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We covered the flu shot topic over a month ago in here. I wouldn't think the swine flu shot would have different results since it is still just a flu shot. I copy and pasted my response/info from the last discussion below. It should all still be relevant.

I can understand wanting to get the flu shot especially if you or your child has a weak or compromised immune system. The question is, does it work? Flu shots are prepared nearly a year before the flu season starts and are at best a guess of what strain of flu will hit us, not to mention they may contain mercury as part of the preservative thimerosol, a known neurotoxin. The CDC will tell you it has a high percentage of effectiveness, independent research will tell you a much different story. The three flu strains that go into the vaccine are chosen nearly a year before flu season hits. Because the viruses mutate rapidly, the strains in the vaccines often donít match the actual viruses that come to your town each season. Here are some websites that explain how the flu shot is made, how effective/accurate past flu shots have been and how the "CDC crystal ball" is used to make the flu shots.

#25428 - 11/12/09 03:51 AM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: Keith]
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And now, for the rest of the story...

The H1N1 vaccine works very, very well. Thimerosol has *not* been shown, in study after study, to have negative effects on children. The levels in the flu vaccine are way below the level that could cause any harm. Yes, some people suffer very rare side effects from the vaccine, and that is tragic. More people die from the flu, though, and that is enough impetus for me to get myself *and* my children vaccinated.

Kim, to answer your question about the "immune compromised" question, I think some doctors classify chronic conditions as I.C. for purposes of the flu shot. It's just a designation that moves your kid to the front of the line, since illness with high fever can be so hard on our kids' bodies.

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#25438 - 11/13/09 10:02 PM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: Sideshow_bob]
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Hi all,

We got ours. The pediatrician called us and informed us that Lauren was on the short list for the same reason "immuno compromised" I was nothing but grateful for their call and concern. Let us not forget that most of our kids are of the age, where a booster will be necessary to keep them protected through the flu season (6 months to 9 years) It can not be given until a month after the first and many offices will want to vaccinate all kids with at least one dose before giving boosters. Our doc told us to call again at the end of this month for maybe December.

Stay Healthy,

#25454 - 11/15/09 03:34 AM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: Laurensmom]
CShell Offline

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No, we will not be getting this shot. We don't normally get the flu shot either for our daughter (Netherton's). This particular shot was way too rushed, and contains way too many adjuvants than I'm comfortable with. The last time the swine flu scare hit the US in the 1970's it did not have great results. I had a flu, that was most likely swine flu considering the incidence of H1N1 in my area, a month or so ago, and it was really no big deal. It was actually more pleasant than a normal flu, the effects weren't as pronounced while sick and it lasted for less time. For our daughter's health status, I don't think she's in any particular risk category, so for our family it make sense to skip the shot. No one has actually talked to us about it, to be honest. I wouldn't advocate this across the board for all ichthyosis sufferers, but this is the decision that I feel comfortable with for my family.
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#25459 - 11/16/09 12:26 AM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: CShell]
Keith Offline

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Can you please post these studies that claim thimerosol has no side effects and who sponsored them.

#25478 - 11/17/09 04:26 PM Re: Swine flu vaccine? [Re: Keith]
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I have to agree with Courtney. My self, my husband, our 2 year old with LI and our 11 year old with out all had H1N1 in late August. We took the meds and were better in 2 days. It was no where as bad as the regular flu. Our 5 year old with LI, who never gets sick, didn't have so much as a sniffle.
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