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#25505 - 11/20/09 02:22 PM hemp and cod liver oil?
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I have been told by a lot of random people to have my son take several drops of hemp oil and cod liver oil every day. Has anybody tried these and had any success?
My name is Candace. My son, kenny was born May 19, 2009 diagnosed with Lamellar Ichthyosis. My daughter Chloe was born June 4, 2011 unaffected.

#25509 - 11/20/09 07:25 PM Re: hemp and cod liver oil? [Re: cschaap]
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Hi Candace,

hope you are ok and Kenny is doing well. If you search under fish oil (in moms and dads group) I posted a piece about fish oil. We still use it although I think the benefits were evident in the first few weeks.

4 year old girl with Lamellar Ichthyosis

Baby girl unaffected

#25538 - 11/23/09 12:45 PM Re: hemp and cod liver oil? [Re: Ivy's Mummy]
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I had mentioned in another thread that I was on cod liver oil for years as a kid and I really never noticed a big difference. Recently, I spent a year on flax seed oil and I didn't really notice any difference while I was on it nor when I stopped taking it.

#26311 - 05/01/10 04:41 PM Re: hemp and cod liver oil? [Re: Glori]
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a friend of mine told me that when he was a child they experimented with the stuff that they stick medical machine monitors to the skin with and when they peeled off the contacts his skin was perfect underneath. you would have to check with a doctor to find out what it is and then experiment on yourself to see if it works or even if it is the same stuff, this was about thirty years ago when he used this stuff, the formula may have changed over the years. he now uses a rather obscure dry skin cream, and claims it is the only thing he has used that works. i don't want to advertise for them, but drop me a line and i'll tell you their web page address.


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