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#248 - 12/14/00 05:49 AM chicken pox and ichthyosis
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Hi all,

I just found out that a child in my son's preschool class has the chicken pox. Although Marc has had the chicken pox vaccination, there is still a chance that he could get a mild case of it (the child who has the chicken pox had the shot!). I was wondering if anyone out there with ichthyosis (Marc has lamellar) has ever gotten the chicken pox, and if so, how was it? I had the chicken pox when I was younger, but I do not have ichthyosis, so I am sure it is different. I am curious if the pox look the same and wonder how you treated it along with the ichthyosis.
Hopefully, Marc will not get the chicken pox, but I would rather be prepared! Thanks!

#249 - 12/14/00 03:14 PM Re: chicken pox and ichthyosis
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I had the chicken pox. I'll have to check with my mom about exactly what age (but old enough to remember it quite clearly...I think, based on where we were living at the time, it was probably about 6th grade--a little on the late side). Once I really had them, they were pretty much the same as anyone else's (I have lamellar too). But, I got off to an interesting start...

I just happened to have an appointment with my opthalmologist, and he and his team sent me and my mom into a panic. They thought I had something really rare, strange, and serious going on with my eyes that they were having a hard time even classifying for sure. Well, my mom and I figured it out a few days later when the pox started appearing on more tradition places on my body--but the very first ones appeared on the inside of my eyelids!

That's probably a coincidence, and didn't have anything to do with my ichthyosis...but who knows. Other than a strange start, my chicken pox were pretty typical in terms of duration, severity, size, number, etc. and my family treated it just like you would anyone else and it seemed to work.

I'll double check with my mom, and see if she has anything else to add.


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Hello Denise,
My name is Melissa and I was about 8 when I got them and at first nobody could tell becuse my skin is so thick all over but then two days later my sister got the chicken pox so then they looked really good on me and found out I also had them. I have EHK. I don't remember but my mom said all I did was itch.
Take Care


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My son Evan was about 8 months old when he had chicken pox. He has EHK. Everything about them seemed normal. He had them right after his older brother. I bathed him in Aveeno baths. Funny thing, his skin was nicer right after the chicken pox than it has ever been before or since. I even tried to keep doing the same things as during the chicken pox.

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Hi, My boys had the pox last Jan. My older son (non-affected) got them first & broke out very slowly over the course of a week. his barely showed & healed quickly. Two weeks later when Jesse (has x-linked) got them in the morning I noticed just a few starting. We left him with a friend so we could attend a funeral & when I came home two hours later he had broken out SOLID from head to toe. Doc said it was the worst break out he had ever seen. We took him to clinic as the pox developed on his eyeballs. We were given a script for claritin & by the next day he looked alot better. I took pics after the claritin. (wish I had got the before but he was far to ill) Doc suggested that he may have broken out so badly because of the skin condition. He also took much longer to heal afterwords.(a good two months) but my boys were not vaccinated either. I would suggest that if you do get a breakout you should check into a script if your Physician is willing. As for us it stopped him from breaking out any further than he did. Good luck & I will pray that you get passed over all togather. Misty

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Hi. I had chicken pox when I was about six, and yes, I have lamellar. It was pretty uncomfortable for me, but it turned out ok. Use lots of liquid Benadryl if the doc says it's ok, make sure you change the child's clothes and sheets a lot. Pretty much the same stuff you'd do for any child with chicken pox.
I am female, and was born in 1972 with Lamellar Ichthyosis.

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Hello There,

I had the chicken pox when I was about 9 or 10. I too had the vaccination. I broke out all over. I remember itching like crazy. My mom used lots of calamine lotion and I had to drink lots of liquids. My mom put cotton gloves on my hands so that I could scratch, with out causing too much damage to my skin. Scratching can cause infection and scarring. With the ichthyosis, I healed quicker than most kids from the scarring. I have lamellar ichthyosis. Other than that, my mom did all of the normal stuff that you do for chicken pox. Hopes this helps.



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