I am studying the genealogy of people with Lameller Ichthyosis who have a Mennonite background. I already have about 30 people traced back to just a few common ancestors. The more individuals I can trace, the more accurate I can be. This is not a formal study at all, I am not a medical person, but I like genealogy and my husband's cousin has Lameller.

Please contact me even if you are not sure your ancestors were Mennonites. They were German people who immigrated to the US from Russia or Prussia. Some other place names are Volhynia, Molochna, Karolswalde, Ostrog, and Poland. Most came to KS, around Hutchinson, Pawnee Rock, and Marion County. Many later went to South Dakata, and Meno, Oklahoma.

Family names could include Unruh, Buller Schmidt/Smith, Jantz/Jantzen/Johnson, Thomson, Schultz, Schreoder, Wall, Wedel, Ratzlaff, ect.

Even names of those who had Lameller and are deceased will be of help.

Thank you,


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