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#25105 - 09/14/09 03:57 AM blisters & infections
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My fdau,with CIE currently has several blisters & I am assuming,infections as they are draining & bandages are changed twice a day.She is also in pain,a sign of infection & I am giving her pain meds. Do any of you know why she is getting so many blisters at once?I will take her to the doctor tomorrow as I am almost certain she needs an anti-biotic but is there anything else we can do besides adding bleach to her bath water?

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My standard routine during this time involves Benadryl, which helps with any itching and dries up excess fluid, an anti-inflammatory (Aleve) to reduce the swelling and sometimes a pain-killer like Vicodin (prescribed) to help with any pain.
Just Benadryl and Aleve can make a world of difference in the amount of fluid and swelling.
One thing I have learned is that there is no rhyme or reason most of the time with the blisters. I have woken up in the morning covered in huge, oozing blisters and I was fine when I went to bed. They have erupted over a period of hours during the day when I have done nothing at all to earn a blister, or multiple blisters.
Mine were horrible during my teen-age years, just suddenly appearing for no reason at all. I have learned that they will sometimes accompany another "trauma" like having the flue, throwing my back out, stress and pretty much anything that upsets my body's normal routine.


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