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#25043 - 09/04/09 02:42 AM Red, watery eyes?
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My son's eyes get a little red sometimes on the lids around the eye and they are always watery. My pediatrician said the water might be from a blocked tear duct. I guess I'm wondering, is this normal baby stuff or caused by ich.
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#25052 - 09/04/09 07:11 PM Re: Red, watery eyes? [Re: cschaap]
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Kallie's get red on her lids a lot too and then they will clear up just as quickly. However, she did get a staph infection on her eyelids and from what I have read online thats a really common place so make sure you are cleaning his eyelids really well. But it could be just normal baby stuff too!
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#25061 - 09/06/09 04:34 AM Re: Red, watery eyes? [Re: MomofPrincesses]
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Mine get red and watery sometimes, especially right after a shower. Most of the time I think it is the dry skin at the edge of the eye lid pushing my eye lashes into my eye. Other times when I scrub my eye lids I seem to get pieces in my eye that make them water. It usually only lasts a day at the most. Make sure the eyelash area is clean and free of dead skin. I usually scrape it with my fingernail horizontally from edge to edge without scratching my eye and clear off most of what could block any ducts.


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