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#24497 - 05/30/09 09:31 PM Toenails
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My youngest son Jack is 9 and has what we think is a fungal infection on his toenails - just his big toes. I'm just wondering could this be anything to do with ichthyosis? And also what I can do to treat it as he is cannot take oral anti fungal medication because of the contra indications and his asthma.



#24503 - 06/01/09 03:51 PM Re: Toenails [Re: yr]
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Hi Yvonne!

My husband had a fungal infection in his fingernail years ago. To our knowledge it had no direct realtion to his ichthyosis. His doctor gave him a prescription (not sure of the name of the medicine) and it cleard up rather quickly. It was like a clear finger nail polish that he had to apply twice a day for like 10 days.

My grandmother also had these types of infections in her toenails. She does not have ichthyosis. She tried an over the counter called "Fungal Cure" (also like a clear nail polish) and it went away, but it kept coming back. After several attempts with this product she gave up and just uses regular petroleum jelly! I am not sure how that works (and I am not entirely sure why she thought to try it), but she does not complain anymore!

I hope you can figure it out soon.

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I have had big toe nail fungal infections too - I have tried putting a drop of tea tree oil on them and this has helped - I have also read somewhere that putting a drop of vitamin E oil on them daily will help, although I haven't tried this yet as the tea tree oil seems to have worked so far.

Although I squashed one of them a couple of months back and totally lost one toe nail, so I will see what it looks like when it grows back - hopefully without any infection - but I wouldn't recommend that as a treatment! lol!


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