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#24064 - 03/26/09 09:16 AM Dry V
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I am new at this and have no clue what i'm doing.
however, i have had ichthyosis of corse all my life. I am 24 and i have a 2 year old, just in the last coupleof months. I have been extremly dry down there smile I was wondering if anyone new if this had to do with ichthyosis or if this is probably just a "girl" thing?
I would appreciate any feedback. I dont know anyone else with ichthyosis , so i'm happy i found this site. Thank you !

#24069 - 03/26/09 07:42 PM Re: Dry V [Re: SamanthaC]
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That's a very common issue among all're certainly not alone! There are many "natural type" lubricants sold in stores to help with that. Just part of being a girl. wink

#24072 - 03/27/09 09:46 PM Re: Dry V [Re: Angel24755]
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Ditto what Lisa said. It could be your ichthy, but it might not. Same thing is done either way, get a lubricant you like.
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#24271 - 04/28/09 09:04 AM Re: Dry V [Re: Chandra]
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Yup, completely normal. Usually, when you're really juicy down there, it's because you're ovulating. The mucus thins up to let sperm through so you can get pregnant easier.

Of course, being dehydrated can make the dryness worse, and those with ichthyosis are constantly dealing with dehydration.

Get yourself some astro-glide. Works very nicely.
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jennifer is right. smile
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