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#24137 - 04/07/09 03:49 PM First Baby & home birth
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Hi everyone.

Just wanted to ask a couple of questions and get other peoples experience. I have NB CIE and I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My husband does not have ich but we do not know if he is a carrier or not so we are not sure of the baby. Everything is going fine so far. All my scans have been normal.

I am very keen to have a home birth, has anyone with CIE had a home birth before? They are very supportive of home births in my local area even for first pregnancies but they are unsure of what it means if the baby has ich. Both me and my sister were collodian babies but my mum doesnt remember us needing any special treatment and we were allowed home after a day (we were 3 weeks early though). Havent really had any problems since then. My midwife was happy to plan ahead but she also referred me to a consultant who has ordered extra scans to check normal growth. The next one is in 4 weeks.

Any advice or experience would be great. I'm obviously hoping the baby doesnt have ich but if it does then at least I am in a good position to know what to do!

Thanks smile

#24143 - 04/08/09 07:14 PM Re: First Baby & home birth [Re: hermajesty]
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Hi there.

Congrats on your pregnancy! I have no specific advice for you I'm afraid but I would guess that a home birth would not be a problem given that the issues relating to having a collodian baby are not "immediate" and you are probably more prepared than most for this situation should it arise!

We have a 2 yr old little girl with nb CIE but she wasn't collodian - she was 4 wks prem though! We also have a 6 month old little girl who is unaffected.

Good luck and I hope all goes well! Keep us posted!


#24166 - 04/12/09 10:37 PM Re: First Baby & home birth [Re: hermajesty]
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Hi There,
Congrats! I wouldn't imagine there would be any reason why you couldn't have a home birth. I don't have ich but gave birth to a little boy with CIE (we think, still waiting on DNA results, but def some form of ich) 7 months ago and the birth was normal. They took him to special care but he wasn't actually on any medication as they weren't sure what to do with him. They just put liquid paraffin on him which I could have done at home!

He arrived 4 weeks early. I see other people have had premature babas too. Is this a symptom of it?

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My little girl was also 4 weeks early with probable nbCIE. Research isn't conclusive regarding the link between pre-term deliveries and Ich! Some say there is a correlation and others say it's pure coincidence. You'll find that the families on here kind of reflect that too as some gave birth early and others were bang on time. I personally tend to sway towards that belief that there is a link to some degree as my 2nd daughter was bang on time and is unaffected - but I'm not following any medical research here, just my own personal experience!

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We have BCIE so I had TJ via Csection. His skin was ripped badly at birth but not as bad as if I'd have had him normally I think. if this one has it I'll have another Csection DEFINITELY.

I had an amnio to check with TJ. I'll have another at 16 weeks with this one. I didn't know they could tell on scans.... are you talking about the Colloidion(sp? srry) is that what they see on a scan?

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Because you have NB CIE, and the chance that someone is a carrier is 1 in 250, the odds that you child would be affected are 1 in 500. With those odds, I can't see a reason why you couldn't do a home birth.

Personally, I've had 3 preemies, 1 with temperature regulation problems, 1 that needed forceps due to a compressed umbilical cord, and 1 that turned out okay, but NICU took him for observation because of prematurity. All 3 have ichthyosis, and I am obviously NOT a candidate for home birth.

Our prematurity seems to be due to a gene (MTHFR) that I carry that makes me prone to blood clots in the placenta. I don't know if the ichthyosis plays a role, but the doctors and researchers I have spoken to don't seem to think so.

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