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#20624 - 01/27/03 09:30 PM Cover-Up?
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Hey everyone
I have a problem -.- I've tried a number of different cover-ups for my acne on my face, but whenever I use them, it makes that area even flakier than before! Has anyone here found a brand of cover-up that doesn't do that?


#23895 - 02/25/09 07:00 PM Re: Cover-Up? [Re: BeevurHausen]
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hi, i have the same problem, and i don't even have ichthyosis! [on here for school research] Try putting it on, on then getting something wet and dabbing it on the area. It may work.

#23931 - 03/04/09 08:00 AM Re: Cover-Up? [Re: mizra]
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Try using Mineral POWDER on your face. Go thru the company that makes a coverup powder also. I think it's Bare Minerals.

it works great on my face. I just clean my face REALLY well before applying makeup to make sure I've rubbed off any flaky spots (I soak my face with a warm cloth first then scrub)

usually when I do my makeup you can't tell I have EHK on my face. I have a "regimend" I go thru.

Wash face with HOT water,

Scrub with a face scrub that has moisturizers as well as scrubbers in it.

Apply skin lotion thickly,
Vigerously rub it off in circles to take off any flaky parts.

Wash face again,

Apply face lotion lighly.

Wait 10 min for it to soak in and then apply my makeup. If you use Liquid foundation at all and have any dry skin on your face it'll ALWAYS Flake nomatter what. Good luck!
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#24264 - 04/27/09 05:14 PM Re: Cover-Up? [Re: BeevurHausen]
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I had very bad ance into my early twenties - my face was badly scarred and a lady approached me in a bar one night and said she hoped I did'nt mind her commenting on my skin, but had I ever tried vitamin E oil. It took the inflamed look away and helped heal the scarring too.

#25058 - 09/06/09 12:51 AM Re: Cover-Up? [Re: yr]
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I would suggest tea tree oil. I don't have ichthyosis, but my daughter does, and I use it on both our faces. I still get acne and I'm 24, and that always does the trick. And, it's pretty compatible with any other make-up I use, if you let it sink in first before applying foundation on top of it (I use Bare Minerals powder, I like it b/c it looks more natural and mixes with the natural oils in your skin).
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#25169 - 09/21/09 06:10 PM Re: Cover-Up? [Re: CShell]

You know, I've always wanted to try that SmartCover from the infomercials. They show an older lady rubbing some on her legs and the varicose veins and everything are just BOOM gone. Maybe that would work. I don't know if it's greasy or smelly or anything. I do know they showed it as waterproof. Sometimes it even comes with free tubes of lipsticks that don't come off without soap.


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