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#23267 - 11/16/08 01:28 PM Infections--not MRSA
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Hello everyone,
This question is for those of you who have or have children who have recurrent infections that are NOT MRSA.
Evan has battled recurrent infections from Thanksgiving to Easter almost all of his life. They have been cultured to be regular staph and not MRSA. He is generally treated with Keflex and it clears up the entire infection within days. He finishes the entire course of the antibiotic and is completely well. Within 2 weeks though, he is battling another infection.
Evan is 16, has EHK and is a Sophomore in High School.
I am looking into the pro's and con's of long term antibiotics through the winter. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?
We go to his pediatrician the day after Thanksgiving for a regular appointment. We have bandied about the idea of long term antibiotics and he has also mentioned that with the next infection, he would like to refer Ev. to an infectious diseases Dr. Would they have more knowledge on the pros and cons of long term antibiotics??
Thanks all for your input.
Deidra Long

#23325 - 11/24/08 12:33 AM Re: Infections--not MRSA [Re: Deidra]
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Hi Dee

I have EHK and am 32/male, I have been taking anti biotics basically permanently my whole adult life and have not had any ill effects. I am currently on about 500mg cloxicillian per day which maintains my infection rate quite well. I still get the odd minor infection from time to time and sometimes I need to take abit more, but I have been fortunate at this point to not have become resistant to the anti biotics. Since it sounds like it has become a fairly reoccurring issue for your son, I think a regular systematic anti biotic "maintenance" set up is probably what your going to find that works best for Evan. I don't get infections alot, but I prefer the everyday or every other day maintenance to the risks of infections. I also noticed quite immediately (within 2 or 3 days) if I don't take the anti biotics that I tend to develop infections. In other words, I pretty much need to stay on the anti biotics level that I am taking. As you've probably come to realize, not all Ich people have the exact same symptoms and infections etc, so what works for one person might not work for others, but that is my experience thus far.

Take Care


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