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I need some ideas for Miah's shoes. She is needing better shoes for the tops of her feet from the EHK. She currently uses Nike breathable and stretchy shoes but they are now hurting her feet because she is thicker. We also use all cotton socks. ANy suggestions?

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Ah the shoes...that's an annoying situation too! To this day, I wear Nike's more often than not, but I tend to lace them up once, loosely, and tie them loosely and leave them alone. I make them look like they are tied so that people aren't constantly telling me that my shoes are untied!
I pretty much just slip my shoes on and never mess with the laces again. I don't like shoes that don't lace at all because I can't control the pressure that they put on my feet.

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I can't tell you of any type of shoes that have worked for me. As a kid I wore sneakers/runners most of the time that I wasn't in school and then I wore penny loafers. The loafers were pretty difficult at first but once I had then worn in they would be fine.

When I'm shopping for shoes I always pay attention to that "wrinkle" just above the toes when you flex your feet. Because that "wrinkle" bends in it causes me the most problems. I also run my hand into the shoe to check for large seams or ridges that would cause pain.

I try to use Aquaphor sparingly due to other issues but I do use it on my feet.
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